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Up Yours ‘London’ (ft. Feral Is Kinky)

May 27 release

Sulk ‘Flowers’

Released on April 1

MF/MB/ Casualties

Released on March 25

Exit Calm ‘The Rapture’

Released on March 4th.

Mirel Wagner ‘No Death’

From the debut album.

The Megaphonic Thrift ‘Fire Walk With Everyone’

Another great track from the recent album.

Taffy ‘So Long’

Single from the debut album.  NME (8/10). Features everywhere.

Taffy ‘HaaH’

From their forthcoming debut album ‘Caramel Sunset’.

The Megaphonic Thrift ‘Moonstruck’

New single from the recent second Megaphonic Thrift album.

Patten ‘A Peachy Swan’ (The Slow Revolt remix)

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